Smart Eats

Hosted by chef Monti Carlo, Smart Eats is a new series of digital shorts that takes viewers on an eye-opening journey across Southern California to explore America’s flawed food system and learn more about the high-quality producers that are trying to fix it.

Each week Monti learns what to watch out for when it comes to popular foods. From "Free Range” cattle that feast on expired candy to "All Natural" cereals preserved with petroleum, Smart Eats exposes some of the shadiest practices in the grocery game and shows us how to make better choices. Don’t get fooled again!

Chef Monti Carlo

Director of Culinary


With her wry smirk and sharp wit, Monti Carlo is a combustible mix of food knowledge and comic relief. The Puerto Rican Chef is a Food Network and Cooking Channel personality, and the Co-Founder of Everything Food. Catch her doing her best not to talk with her mouth full on the latest seasons of Tastemade’s Make This Tonight, Food Network’s Help My Yelp, Cooking Channel’s Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Studio Ramsay’s Ramsay Redemption.

In her free time, Monti volunteers as a chef instructor for Common Threads and CCAP, both non-profits that teach underserved children how to cook. Monti burst onto the food scene in 2012, when she placed Top 5 on Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef. Before her life in food, Monti spent a decade as an award-winning morning radio host and stand-up comic.

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