Mascha Davis

Master of Public Health & Registered Dietitian


Mascha Davis MPH, RDN is a nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionist, humanitarian and founder of Nomadista Nutrition, a private nutrition practice based in Los Angeles. In addition to her RDN certification, she holds a Master of Public Health degree from UCLA and her writing and expertise have been featured in numerous publications and media outlets. In 2016, she gave a TEDx talk about her international humanitarian work in Africa, where she spent five years working on programs for treatment and prevention of malnutrition in women and children. Her book with publisher Simon & Schuster, Eat Your Vitamins, was released in Jan 2020.

Her experiences as an entrepreneur, political refugee, and humanitarian have given her a unique perspective and inspired a passion for sustainability and the environment. Her newest venture is a sustainable food product called Mini Fish, which promises to revolutionize the packaged seafood category and make a positive impact on the oceans.

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