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You wish to eat healthy and enhance your overall wellness. You care for others and want them to be healthy as well. The challenge is how do you find and compare foods reliably? Then where do you buy them?

Everything Food and the Everything Food Quality Score

Everything Food is an online platform empowering people to make informed food choices. We enable you to search & compare food products using our Everything Food Quality Score (EFQS), an intuitive food quality scoring system.

Through standardization we are applying uniform quality standards across all products and categories to create an easily understood food quality score. The EFQS rates products from 1 to 100 based on the most natural to least natural. Higher scores are awarded to products that are fresh or raw with solid pedigrees and minimal processing that maintains their nutrition levels. Another dimension rates products higher on the depth of information provided by the food producer. All items on the platform display the score and detailed information including ingredients, nutrition, husbandry, origins, breeds, additives, organic and more.

Everything Food enables you to create your own personalized site. By setting your personal preferences the site automatically presents only the products that match your needs.

Convenient Marketplace

Combined with the EFQS is a convenient food marketplace to purchase products to and have them shipped directly to you. With your personal preference settings, you can have a store customized just for you.

And this is just the beginning, we are building a complete food platform, one that will help you to manage your pantry, establish food calendars, search, create and save recipes, and schedule regular personalized food deliveries.

Change the Food System

The world of food is upside down with a lack of food quality transparency. Many products don’t tell how the food was produced or where the ingredients came from. Our goal is to turn the food world right side up! We give the decision power back to you, the consumer, to make better choices, decide your level of quality and find healthy food.

We are here to help you to make informed choices, eat healthier, live better and save the planet together.

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