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Welcome to Everything Food

Our Story

The Everything Food story began in 2012 when founders Peter Balsells and Dan Doble – frustrated by the difficulty of manually doing any type of food comparison online or offline – began work on what would become the Everything Food database. The company, which was formally founded in 2016, has been building out its platform ever since. Our mission is a simple one:

Everything Food empowers you to make informed food choices.

That means gathering together in one place everything you need to learn about, manage organize, and buy food.

Who We Are

The founders and crew behind Everything Food are foodies and data scientists. We’re, dedicated to the idea that it should be easy to know about the foods you eat and the food choices you’re making with every purchase. We’re passionate advocates for transparency and traceability in the food chain, so we’re helping to make the grocery and food manufacturing industries more transparent.

Meet our team.

Everything Food also draws regularly on the passion and expertise of numerous outside chefs, nutritionists, and other food industry professionals.

Our Score

The Everything Food Quality Score (or the EFQS, for short) is the answer to our founders’ simple question: Why can’t we simply compare any type of food at a glance? The answer is “we can,” and that’s exactly what the EFQS does.

It’s simple: Foods get higher scores when they are minimally processed (which maintains the food’s nutrition), have known traceability, and use natural ingredients. Foods have lower scores when they are highly processed and lose the food’s nutrition, have unknown traceability, and use less natural ingredients. It is very intuitive, the more you know the easier it is to choose.

Where Our Data Comes From

Nutrition Information Sources:

  • USDA’s food and nutrition database
  • Food Manufacturer’s Nutrition Facts Panel

Food Traceability and Transparency Sources:

  • Food Manufacturer’s Product Label
  • Food Manufacturer’s Website

Learn More About the EFQS Score

The Power of Our Platform

Our platform is designed to be a complete ecosystem, empowering you with everything you need to make informed decisions about food. It’s all in one place, from professionally-designed meal plans to pantry organization, shopping lists, online grocery purchasing & delivery via major retailers, and of course, our Everything Food Quality Score.

The Power…... Is Your Platform

Everything Food’s painstakingly compiled nutritional database is a one-of-a-kind resource, but it’s not just a reference. It’s designed to be a part of your everyday life, a tool that adapts to what you need. Once you sign up for a free account, you can personalize the platform to meet your own priorities.

A Resource for Professionals

If you’re a health or wellness professional – a dietitian or nutritionist, fitness professional, physician – or if you’re a personal chef or personal shopper, Everything Food is also a powerful resource to help you build your business. It’s a comprehensive, fully integrated food information platform you can use to recommend, organize, personalize, and even source food for your clients.

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