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Peter Balsells

How do you decide which foods deserve a spot in your grocery cart? Sure, you can look at their labels, but those give you limited and often misleading information. The best way to make informed food decisions is to use the Everything Food Quality Score (EFQS). It quickly gives you the facts you need to choose the best foods for you and your family.

What is The Everything Food Quality Score (EFQS)?

The EFQS is a comprehensive food database with standardized quality levels that helps you find and sort through a sea of information about your favorite foods. It evaluates dozens of factors including:

  • How close to natural is it?
  • How was it raised?
  • How was it processed?
  • Does it contain GMO's, pesticides, preservatives, synthetic dyes, or other toxic chemicals?
  • How nutritious is it?
  • How does it compare to other products in the same category?

How does the Everything Food Quality Score work?

The EFQS rates foods on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the most natural product you can get.

Items that get the highest scores on the EFQS are those that are fresh or raw foods with solid pedigrees, minimal processing, and the highest nutrition levels. Lower scores are given to food products with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified, unknown pedigrees and/or harsh processing methods that lower the food’s nutrition level.

Single Ingredient score calculation

Multiple Ingredient score calculation

Can I personalize my search results using the EFQS, to meet my needs?

You can easily personalize your search results and your marketplace using the EFQS preferences & filters to find the foods that meet the standards you've set for you and your family. You can set your preferences by Food Fact (i.e. Organic), and other criteria, like Lifestyle (i.e. Local), Allergy concerns (i.e. Peanuts), and Food Likes (i.e. Fish). Once your preferences are set, when you search for food only products that meet your minimum standards are displayed.

Let’s say you are looking for the best brand of chicken for you and your family. You can choose if you want your chicken to be:

  • Pasture-raised, cage-free, or caged
  • Fed with grass, organic grains, vegetarian feed, or fed with grains grown without pesticides
  • Raised with or without hormones or antibiotics
  • Organic or non-organic
  • Breed is Commercial Broiler, Cornish, Jersey Giant, Bresse, White Leghorn or others
  • Grade A, B or C.

Once you have set your parameters for chicken. A search for “chicken” will only show you the products that meet your quality standards. You can compare their scores and quickly make the best choice. Then buy your preferred brand of chicken directly from the Everything Food Market Place and have it delivered right to your door.

What can the EFQS tell me about my food's nutritional value?

The Everything Food Quality Score shows you every nutrient in a food product. It also points out the nutritional value changes in a product when it is processed. For example, you might be shopping for apple sauce for your child’s school lunch. When you search Apple Sauce the resulting EFQS will show you that the amount of Vitamin C was cut in half when the apple was transformed into a sauce.

You can then dig deeper to see if the ingredients used to make the product resemble the components of the original recipe. Back to our example, classic Apple Sauce has just three ingredients: apples, lemon juice, and water. You’ll see on the EFQS site that Brand A uses Ascorbic Acid instead of lemon juice and has added high fructose corn syrup to the recipe.

Where does the Everything Food Score get its information?

The EFQS platform gets its data from the FDA database and utilizes all 153 nutritional facts contained within it. As a comparison, most food labels show around 20 nutrients. We supplement each food label with the FDA database values where they are omitted for a given food product. This provides an accurate picture of the nutrient content for each product. The quality attributes of a product are assigned based on what the manufacturer discloses. If they do not reveal specific information, then it will show as “Unspecified” and receive a lower score in that category.

Is Everything Food a digital nutritionist?

Everything Food is not here to tell you what to eat. What you eat is a conversation between you and your health practitioner. The EFQS merely points to the most nutritious and natural foods in each food category. It is an unbiased source of food information which seeks to inform you about where your food came from, how its made, and its nutritional content.

EFQS is not just a Food Scoring system, it is a tool to see through the fluff to what is relevant. The Everything Food Quality Score platform is your personal food concierge, helping you make informed choices for yourself and your family.

Published On:
July 19, 2018
Peter Balsells

CEO of Everything Food, Inc.

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