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How to Stop Being Tricked by Food Labels
What Is Nutrition and How Does It Relate to Calories - Using Nutrition to Demystify Calories
Learn how calories are measured and how they relate to overall nutrition so you can develop your own personalized approach to healthy eating.
What You Need to Know About the Humanely Raised Label
The humanely raised label is showing up on more meat products, but what does it really mean? We'll break it all down for you and explain the popular label.
Five Things to Know When Choosing a Fish Oil Supplement
Consistently ranked among the top three most-popular supplements, the benefits of pure and liquid fish oil are well-known. But how can you make your fish oil is high quality?
How Do 5 Alternative Milks Stack Up to Dairy Milk?
Comparing almond milk vs milk and other dairy alternatives can feel overwhelming. Here, we compare the nutritional value of dairy milk to 5 popular alternatives Read below for our take on comparing milks.
What Does Grass-Fed Really Mean?
Always question the label. The meat and dairy labeled “grass-fed” may not be coming from a grass-fed source. Find out what the regulations say about the real meaning of grass-fed.
The Key Difference Between GMO and Hybrid Foods
Can organic food be GMO? What’s the difference between hybrid plants and GMO plants? Learn the differences, find out which GMO crops are actually common in the US, and how to avoid them at the supermarket.
Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Ingredients
Artificial ingredients show up in all sorts of food. Understand exactly what these ingredients are so you can decide whether to purchase items containing them.
Choosing Between Farm-Raised and Wild-Caught Fish
Most of the plants we eat are farmed, and most of the meats we eat are farmed, so it’s not surprising that fish farms are on the rise as well. This raises a lot of questions for anyone trying to eat healthy, natural and sustainable foods.
The Difference Between Natural and Organic Food
Food labeling makes everything sound good, so how do you know what natural food is, or the difference between natural and organic food? Learn the differences by educating yourself about labeling standards and what they mean.
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