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Our tools help you find the best foods for you. You can search and compare 100,000’s of products, tailor results to your dietary preferences, organize your food, create a shopping list, buy in store, or have items delivered.

The EFQ Score

A quick way to compare foods. Products get higher scores for superior nutrition, purity and producer transparency.

Diet Plans
Happy and Healthy - Made Easy

Get access to diet plans created by industry-leading chefs and health professionals to help you hit your goals.

Make It Yours

Use Everything Food to find foods that fit your dietary needs. You can personalize it to fit your lifestyle, diet regimen, food preferences, and be mindful of food allergies and sensitivities.

Like the Ocean, Broad and Deep

Our database is broad, with hundreds of thousands of food products with in depth information on each. You’ll be able to find the right food for you.

Organize your Food. Lists for Whatever you Need.

Manage your kitchen. Pantry lists. Refrigerator lists. What works for you. Add to a shopping list at any time and buy.

Just What you Need

Build your shopping list, convert it to a checklist, or get your groceries delivered to your door.

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