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The founders and crew behind Everything Food are chefs, home cooks, grocery geeks, food justice pioneers, and data scientists. We’re dedicated to the idea that fresh food is a basic right, not a luxury. We’re passionate advocates for transparency and traceability in the food chain. We believe in helping our community find the highest quality food at the best prices from purveyors that employ sustainable and equitable practices. We are curious, and actively seek to build our community, so please, drop us a line!

Our Why

We believe in equalizing the food system by translating complex nutritional data into everyday language and providing shopping tools that empower consumers to access high-quality foods at the best prices, from stores they most love to support. Through our easy to navigate platform, we encourage story sharing, respect for diverse foodways, and raising health and food access opportunities for all.


Explore our resource library, brush up on your nutritional literacy, and hear from the most interesting chefs, farmers, and thought leaders in the food movement.


Personalize your nutrition profile and expand your palate by adding new foods from your favorite stores, that fit your taste.


Get a birds-eye-view of the quality of groceries available in your area. Compare prices at a glance. Order online for delivery, curbside pickup, or opt for an in-store experience.


Share fun food facts, shopping wins, and recipes with your community to encourage them to embark on the next chapter of their food journey.

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